Remind Me Not to Sweat the Small Stuff

I guess this article is really more about a reminder to myself than asking others to remind me.

Lately I had been really stressed. Actually, I went to the laboratory last Monday so that before I go to my doctor, I have something to show her. It was supposed to be a routine checkup so that I can be poked here and there and so that the doctor can tell me if there is something wrong.

But in the end, the lab tests showed that I have elevated blood sugar levels (not really diabetes, just almost to the borderline), high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and almost borderline SGPT and uric acid values. And since I have hormonal imbalance that makes me have PCOS, the doctor wanted me to have more tests.

To the optometrist to have my eyes checked (in case I need a new pair of glasses) and to the lab again for the 100 grams OGTT. She also had me on antibiotic because it was learned that I had infection. Sometimes, that is what I don’t like having myself checked–then I get to know what is wrong with me.

Anyway, I went to the opto yesterday and was told that my glasses are still relevant. He said, however, that maybe I need to give my body some time to adjust to the “healthy” changes that I am trying to do (like sleep early). And since I am also on hormone treatment, my body will have to adjust some more. He also told me to maintain proper posture while working. I should not tilt my head but look into the monitor straight. And well, I will have to rest regularly and not spend an entire hour without getting up.

My OB, however, said that she may refer me to a neurologist just to check on my headaches.

But last night, I asked somebody to massage my head a bit and my headache was gone. And I did not take a pain killer. I guess it was just stress headache and I need to relax. I should also learn to let the littlest things go and not to have a bad mood about things that are not done to my liking.

So the verdict is to live a healthier lifestyle: go on a healthier diet, get enough sleep, have some exercise, and then to rest once in a while to avoid too much stress.

Hmmm…isn’t that what this blog is all about?

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