Remove Clutter and Free Up Surfaces

Who doesn’t have clutter? Perhaps everyone who has a home and with children will have clutter. No matter how you try to pack them away, it will just come back.

However, if you will never pack away your stuff, it will just pile up there and will gather dust. And eventually, dust mites will live among them and will increase in number. And some other insects, too. It is not a very relaxing state.

So if you have kids, what do you do? How to handle clutter:

1. Pack away toys and things before going to bed.

2. In the morning, wipe surfaces and clean the floor either with a broom, a vacuum cleaner, or a wet mop. Doing it everyday will require less effort than doing it once a week or once a month.

3. We know that surfaces like desks, dressers, and cabinet tops are there so that we can put stuff on them, but do not fill up every space. Leave some areas empty so that you will feel freer. And it is really stressful when you need to put down something and you do not have room even for just a glass of water.

Part of being relaxed inside and out is to see that things are neat and tidy around you. Never mind some clutter, just don’t let them pile up for too long.

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