Renovating a Home for Multi-generation Living

Going eco-friendly, working at home and multi-generation living are some lifestyle changes that have grown popular in the recent years. As lifestyles change, so does the house. Families who opted for an eco-friendly lifestyle may have fitted their homes with solar panels and started their own organic gardens already. Those who chose to work at home probably converted their garage or basement into an office. As for creating a home for multi-generation living, making renovation decisions is not as easy.

multi-generation home

Multi-generation homes have become quite a trend this year with more extended families opting to stay in one house. Reasons for this may be practical, sentimental or both. Several considerations come to play once you think about renovating a home for multi-generation living. One consideration is the physical condition or health of the elderly. Grandparents who are in a wheelchair or crutches may require wide hallways or handrails in certain areas of the house. Storage, privacy or personal spaces are concerns for adults and teens in the household. You will have several generations living in one roof, so it can be quite impractical to live in the same old house without at least making a few adjustments. To make sure that the needs of all family members are met, multi-generation households need to consider using universal design features in renovating the house.

Multi-generation house designs can be characterized as a “home within the home” because there are several private living spaces incorporated in it. The usual features include multiple living areas, small kitchenettes, and bedrooms with private bathrooms for each generation. A common area or main room connects to all private areas so that family members can stay together and still have their own personal space.

Those who intend to retrofit their homes to fit multi-generation living can start exploring available spaces in their properties, be it extra yard space or under utilized basement and attic. This will help you gauge if you’ll have enough space to accommodate the needs of family members. Building a home for multi-generation living from scratch is another alternative that may be considered. With this option, you can ensure that your home is built just the way your family likes it.

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