Renovation Ideas for Small Bathroom

Living in a small house or condominium unit also means that the different parts of your home have very limited spaces. You should go for multi-purpose furniture and stick with sleek and slim designs. A small bathroom can really feel cramped and since it is very difficult to remodel, it can get outdated. It might be a bit overwhelming to think of starting how you can turn your tiny bathroom space into a mini oasis that you can enjoy without spending a lot, but it is possible.

tiny bathroom

Small bathrooms should have appropriately sized fixtures. Before installing a large bathtub, consider the space that it would take up. For some, having a bathtub is necessary, but you can simply replace your monstrous and outdated tub with a space saving one. You can install pre-fabricated shower heads with the tub as its basin. If your bathroom space can still accommodate it, you can have your shower area enclosed with glass sliding doors. Changing your tiles with light colors and gorgeous designs can also make your cramped bathroom look fresh, more spacious and inviting.

Bathroom vanities are also another thing that can eat up your limited bathroom space especially if they are made with large wooden materials. Opting for a pedestal sink paired with attractive shelves for your bathroom necessities can do a wonderful job at making your tiny bathroom appear larger. Check your local home improvement depot for other options such as floating sinks and vanities that can suit your bathroom space and your budget.

Bathroom renovations can be as simple as adding extra fixtures or decors. Mirrors reflect light and make your space feel spacious. Larger mirrors with unique shapes should replace old vanity mirrors that look outdated. Decorative mirrors strategically placed across windows or in dark corner of the room can feel like an additional footage of space. Another inexpensive way of brightening up your bathroom is by changing the current bulbs with brighter energy saving lights. Outdated lighting and dim bulbs can easily make your bathroom feeling cramped, dark and unattractive.

Improving your small bathroom does not necessarily mean that you have to spend money. Sometimes, you only need small modifications such as putting on a few decorative accent, a fresh coat of paint and plush white towels in racks to make your small bathroom feel larger and more inviting.

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