Repurposing Discarded Doors

Homeowners who are planning their renovations should also consider how to dispose discarded items after all the work is done. After all, you wouldn’t want any clutter to ruin the fresh new look of your home. Some items definitely have to go to trash while others can either be sold or reused. Repurposing furnishings or fixtures that have been removed from the house is one of the best ways to deal with old stuff. Those who plan to replace their old doors with new ones should think twice about throwing them away because there is a lot that you can do with them.

Doors can last over a hundred years if they are well maintained. Old doors that are being replaced to give the home an updated look can be repurposed into something that can be incorporated in the new look of the house. The work involved in repurposing an old door can be as simple as a paint job or as complicated as a home project that involves carpentry. Doors that have classic or unique designs can be repainted or restored and used as a piece of décor or wall accent in any room. They can also be used as headboards in the bedroom or a table in the study without much carpentry work needed. If you have several doors lying around after renovation, they can even be used to build cubicles or dividers, new cabinets or book shelves, toddler beds, and benches. Those who have weather proofed or weather resistant doors can have them redesigned as outdoor furnishings like garden benches, patio swing, potting tables, etc.

There are a lot of new things that can be created from an old door by applying the art of repurposing. Creativity and imagination allows you to add more value to discarded items and help protect the environment as well. If you still have some old doors lying around the house, now is the time to look at them with fresh eyes that are focused on repurposing.

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