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Summer is approaching and the lawn will be in very bad shape. The grasses will stop to grow and will be dormant for 3 months. This means a long break from pushing a slow mower in the blistering heat of the summer. But a lawn without grasses is not a lawn, my grandfather used to say.

My grandfather loves rejuvenating their lawn. For him, watching the grass die because of drought is heart-breaking that is why he can’t wait for the rainy days and for the grasses to slowly green up then grow like the wild savannas because he loves weeding, feeding and cutting grasses. That’s how patient he is.

However, not all persons are as patient as my grandfather. Not all can manifest forbearance of pushing an old slow mower under the scorching heat of the sun, that’s why riding mowers are invented.  It makes trimming easier than ever. Riding mower may cost higher than the push mower but it is worth the price.
ID-10087002Aside from fulfilling the desire of cutting grasses with no difficulty, using riding mower has many benefits and advantages.

  • Riding mowers are perfect for those who love cutting grasses but don’t have enough strength to push and/or stand.
  • There are different kinds of riding mowers available in the market. You can choose from gas, battery-operated or electric riding mowers and between gear-driven or automatic riding mowers.
  • For lawns with complicated landscapes, zero turn lawn mowers are the best options. It can cut grasses closely from all sides of trees and shrubs, along fences and barriers and right to every tight corner.
  • Because of riding mowers with vicious control, adjusting the cutting height as you go can be done. This is perfect for lawn with irregular patches.
  • Unlike push mowers, riding mowers has many features and attachments, from tow behind dethatching rakes to leaves collector, which are beneficial. 
  • There is a new model that can also be used as snow plow.

A green, healthy lawn is easier to have and maintain now without exerting much effort. All you need are proper care and good maintenance with the help of the right riding mower. Cutting grass is now all fun under the sun.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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