Safety Tips in Home Decors for the Holidays

Christmas lights, trees and other decors make the home look more festive for the holidays. Most homemakers would plan and even spend for decorations that will bring joy for the whole family and their guests. But one should also pay attention to some safety concerns in choosing home decors for the holidays.

home decors for the holidays
Injuries like cuts, falls, and electric shocks can happen while putting up Christmas lights around the house. Fires can also break out from lit candles, poor wiring, or improperly placed Christmas decors. Here are some safety tips that you can consider to keep your home beautiful and hazard free this holiday season.

Choose your Christmas tree carefully

Most people go for either artificial or natural evergreens for their Christmas tree. Unfortunately both can also be fire hazards if not chosen carefully. Always look for artificial tree that are labeled “fire resistant” to minimize the risk of fire spreading quickly in case of accidents. Fresh trees are recommended for those who want natural looking trees. Bright green trees with needles that are hard to pull from branches make good options.

Always look for Safety Seals

This applies to all your home decors for the holidays, especially the Christmas lights. Faulty wiring is one of the most common causes of fire and using lights that do not meet safety standards is like inviting fire into your home.

Follow safety instructions to the dot

Aside from safety seals, lights and decors also come with set-up and safety instructions as well as hazard warnings. Following these instructions to the dot puts you on a “better safe than sorry” side.

Position your decors with safety in mind

A Christmas tree placed too close to the fireplace or other heat sources may put it at risk of catching fire. Placing electric lights on metallic trees can also cause electrocution and loose wires can snag or trip somebody.

Child-proof your decors if necessary

This would depend on the ages of your children. Those who have toddlers and young children in the house should prioritize child proofing over aesthetics. This wouldn’t apply much to homes with only teens and adults around.

Choosing home decors for the holidays seem like an easy task. Putting them up and ensuring that they do not pose any hazard around the house adds challenge to the task.

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