Why Shabby Chic Works: Reasons to Give Old Furniture a New Life

Your redecorating solutions might be right under your nose. Many people have old furniture hanging around in their sheds and storage rooms. Yet, when they think about redecorating, they immediately think about buying new stuff. There’s some wisdom to going the Shabby Chic route in redecorating. This style was popularized by Rachel Ashwell, an English designer who scoured flea markets and discovered beautiful furniture pieces that worked well modern homes. She started the technique of refurbishing these beauties and giving them new life. The trademark of this decorating style is the use of varying shades of white, light colored and washed out accents, and old-fashioned romantic patterns. The aged look of Shabby Chic interiors gives off a cozy lived in vibe that just makes you want to snuggle up on a plush cushioned, slip covered couch with a book and a cup of tea.

shabby chic

“The aged look of Shabby Chic interiors gives off a cozy lived in vibe.”

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Blues, mauves, and sages are common colors found in the patterns and prints of used in this decorating style. Floral prints are also popular. Faded finishes and patinas are done on woodwork or in metal components for that gracefully aged look. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, there are many more reasons why you should consider this decorating style.

Environment Friendly – there is no argument about the fact that going for this decorating style is a good way to help protect the environment. You are, after all, recycling and reusing. You are using old furniture that would otherwise be sitting in a dump.

Affordable – new furniture pieces cost a lot of money. You can just imagine the amount of money you would need to furnish an entire living room. Looking for old furniture in flea markets will cost you considerably less even if you have to spend on materials to freshen up their look. You get to spend even less if you use your own old furniture.

Fun – going Shabby Chic lets you showcase your creativity. If you are the type who loves to dabble with paint brushes, sand paper, and other workshop tools, this decorating style will give you a chance to create unique furniture pieces done in your own personal style.

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