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White Cerbera

…and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need.– Acts 4:35

I just think that in biblical times, people were incredible. Just take a look at the above verse for instance. The people at that time were so filled with the Holy Spirit that those who had more than enough sold what they had so that they can share to those who were in need. In their setup, it was like the apostles were their money managers because they handled the distribution of resources according to who was in need.

It would just be awesome. No one was rich or poor then, everyone had what they need. They were equal. Would that still be possible today?

While it might not be possible to let the rich give up their wealth nor to find managers who are not corrupt, but the least we can do is to share what we have because others might have good use for them.

I just wanna share this, something that I wrote in September 2009, when my child was only six months old.

But little did I realize that I was actually living in similar circumstances in the present. My new family is among the many who are struggling to make both ends meet with the coming of a child. Our baby is a real blessing, but reality check, our expenses have increased because of our growing needs.

Primarily, our baby needs milk. Despite my lack in the production of breast milk, God has placed in our sphere two new mothers who willingly gave some of their milk to my child to augment the formula until the time that she would no longer take them. A month later, another new mother offered her breast milk, as her baby could not consume all that she produced, and thankfully, our daughter accepted it up until now.

Aside from the milk, I can probably say that 98% of her clothes were all given–from Day 1 to the present. I am not a picky mom, so even if the clothes are already 2nd, 3rd, or 4th hand, as long as our baby can use them, we let her use them. Then there is the comforter, pillows, crib, chair, stroller, toys, and even the walker. The walker has a funny story though, as a friend bought this for her son who is older than our daughter. And yet, she related that her son hated that walker, in fact she showed me a photo of her son crying while in the walker. But our daughter loved it!

We are so thankful because the extra money that we have is what we used to buy the things that we could only hope for if her needs were not met, like books, educational toys, and some other things that would make her comfortable and our lives easier.

I am so blessed and thankful to the people around me who not only poured our their hearts and prayers to our new family, but who also lovingly shared so that our needs can be met. You are all a present-day reminder for me of the time in the New Testament when people embodied the love of Christ towards their brothers and sisters.

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