Six Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

If you feel like sprucing up your bedroom, or if it feels like you don’t have quite enough space, feng shui can be a quick and easy way to combat the problem. By using feng shui you are promoting the flow of harmonious energy through your bedroom. This well help you to feel more relaxed, positive and calm. There are several feng shui techniques you can use, as well as others more complex. Whatever your goal, using feng shui is a sure way to promote positive vibes for your bedroom.


Air and light play huge factors in determining the vibe of a room.

Remove Electronics

Some say that electronics can interfere with the energy of a room. People swear by removing televisions, computers and telephones from their rooms. Supposedly, the harmonious energy that should be present is corrupted by the energy coming from your electronics. If you’re after a more peaceful night sleep, this could be a good way to promote more positive and calming vibes.

Light and Air

Have you ever noticed the way that you immediately feel happier when the sun comes out from behind a cloud? Air and light play huge factors in determining the vibe of a room. For the most peaceful bedroom possible, you should keep the windows open when possible and install an air freshener for the winter. Keep the blinds open and let the sunlight come streaming through. This will help to make your room appear larger at the same time.

Colour Choice

The colours that you choose in your bedroom play a large role in determining the peace and tranquillity. Bright and bold colours are suited more to other areas of the house – not the room you are going to be sleeping in. To promote a peaceful night sleep, consider light colours such as pastel blues and pinks.


According to feng shui, the images that we display should be things that we wish to be in our lives. In this case, it’s not a good idea to have a sad, depressing or angry piece of art in your bedroom – or anywhere in the house. Consider happier, more peaceful pictures. It will help to make your bedroom feel more inviting, and may help you to feel better as well.


Feng shui is very strict when it comes to the placement of your bed. First, it should never be directly in line with the door. This stops the tranquil energy of the room from having its full impact. If the bed is lined with the door, energy may waft in from other areas of the house. You must also make sure that it is easily approachable from both sides, and that there is a bedside table on each side too.

Keep Doors Closed at Night

According to feng shui, you should keep all doors closed at night. Your bedroom door, the bathroom door – even cupboards and wardrobe doors. Having them open is said to disrupt the flow of energy that allows us a peaceful sleep.

There are several feng shui tips that you can try. Consider having a go with some of the easier techniques and see if it works for you. Remember, one of the easiest way to increase your calm and relaxed feelings is to ensure that there is no clutter. Storage space is a great way to de-clutter your house. Fort Knox Sunshine Coast has some wonderful options for keeping your house tidy and clutter free.

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  1. to add more, to create a harmonious relationship keep the bedroom neat and out of clutter, a pair of mandarin ducks displayed can also enhance marriage bliss 🙂

  2. Thanks for this article about Feng Shui, now I have some knowledge about it. I’ll tell my wife about this too, because she’s the one decorating our home.

  3. Taking note of this tip to welcome good fortune this Chinese New Year.

  4. It is my first time to know all of the stuffs written here. Thanks!

  5. Carlo | Mighty Corp says

    Good Fortune plus Luck in Business makes a very good year ahead!

  6. We are Chinese but not superstitious enough to follow all the feng shui experts’ tips. We had our house arranged according to basic beliefs but did not conform to all.

  7. I’m not too much into Feng Shui but I do agree with removing electronic gadgets and adding artwork. I don’t know if it’s just me but rooms feel warmer when there are gadgets about and cooler with artwork in them

  8. logically speaking for #1, i guess it’s better to remove electronics such as those to have a harmonious relationship with your partner. How can you talk when you have all those gadgets to tinker with? hihi.. about the bed.. tsk tsk… guess i have to chop off our bed for me to walk on the side freely since i got all bruises on my legs for bumping on it. haha!

  9. We’ll definitely put into mind the tips you listed here. I’ll try to get rid off electronics inside the room.

  10. first pa lang, bagsak na… lol. our bedroom is filled with electronics… it’s like a magnet for such stuff… maybe we can let go of some… hahaha. Yahweh bless.

  11. The thing about artwork is interesting. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tips!

  12. I’m not much into Feng Shui but you have a good points here. I’ll definitely take note of this and check on what changes I can do on our bedroom.

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