Smart Ways to Update Your Garage

Although many people overlook their garage space, it is an important section of real estate. From an aesthetic point of view it has an impact on how a home looks to passersby, and prospective buyers if the house goes on the market – but there’s also a lot of wasted room behind that door. Most have a floor area of around 400 square feet to consider, ideal for creating a new and more useful space.

For many people the garage is like a spare room. As well as housing a car or two, they often become a dumping ground for all the items that aren’t wanted in the home. This potentially valuable area becomes a veritable junkyard, filled with clutter that could probably be tidied or thrown out. A makeover can take time, but once it’s complete there are numerous ways in which the homeowners could benefit.

Revamping a garage door creates a fresh, modern look and it’s easy to achieve using gel stain for a natural wood finish, or more colorful aluminum paint. If the rollers have been noisy of late, it’s a good idea to get them replaced as well. There are a number of tutorials online explaining how it’s done, and all the necessary tools can be found in a hardware store. Once that’s complete, consider covering the back of the door with reflective foil insulation, it will keep out those winter drafts and cut down on heating costs. If during the course of any work there’s an area that needs a little extra attention, call in the experts for a garage repair – it’ll save time and money in the end. The smaller jobs are fine to handle as a DIY project, but if a problem crops up that’s larger, or requires a degree of specialist knowledge, it makes sense to seek professional help.

Inside, organization is the key. There are units, shelves and hooks which can be fitted to the walls in order to get everything off the floor, ensuring that saws, hammers or hoses can be found when needed. They can be fixed in place quickly using basic tools, but maximize the storage space that’s available. However, it’s also possible to completely transform the utility of a garage by turning it into a gym, home office or den. That kind of improvement means a great deal of investment, in terms of both time and money, but will also make an extremely practical addition to the property. The clearing out and decorating are easily done, but to connect power or water, always get the work completed professionally.

Whether it’s done to add extra living space for a large family, or to make accessing everything that is stored there more convenient, updating a garage is always worthwhile. As the structure is already in place, this is one of the simplest ways to add an additional area to a home, without encroaching on the outdoor area by building an extension.

Image source: Pixabay

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