Speed up Your Surgical Recovery with a Medical Bean Bag

Any sort of surgery can be stressful, but often it’s the recovery period that patients find most demanding.

Post-surgical recovery is often experienced as a slow, tiring and uncomfortable process, but physical discomfort can easily be soothed with a supportive medical bean bag.
medical bean bag

When in hospital, you have the benefit of a hydraulic bed and nursing staff who can tilt and adjust your position to give you the support you need.

But the majority of any recovery time will take place at home, and the bed or couch that once seemed comfortable can feel anything but when limited mobility means spending long periods of time on them.

Dealing with a tangle of sheets, the constant re-adjustment of cushions, or even feelings of loneliness from being confined to one room or guilt over dominating the family couch can all take its toll.

When recovering from any sort of surgery, it’s important to minimise any sort of physical or emotional stress and the humble bean bag can help you to do just that.

Bean bags have been used to aid surgical recovery since the 1970’s.With thousands of internal beans, they shift to support your weight and mould to your body shape.

Without internal springs or a frame,there is no rigidity to overcome so no matter how you sit or recline, you won’t be restricted or confined and can find the supportive, comfortable position you need with the minimum amount of effort.

Because bean bags mould to your body, they also accommodate any post-surgical medical equipment like plaster casts or braces without placing any pressure on them. This reducesdiscomfort and helps to prevent painful bed sores from developing.

In addition to helping you cope specifically with post-surgical discomfort, a bean bag gives you a number of other benefits too.

When recovering from surgery, patients tend to rely on using parts of the body which are healthy to compensate for the parts which aren’t.

This places unnecessary stress on joints and musclesand causes further discomfort, but by using a bean bag, you support the whole body and prevent unnecessary aches and pains from developing.

Also, during recovering it might be necessary to spend long periods of time lying down. This can make you feel less relaxed and ready to sleep when it actually comes to bedtime.

A bean bag gives you a dedicated healing space to relax in, which means that living room furniture can be used by the family and your bed can be reserved for bedtime, allowing family routines to continue as normally as possible.

Furthermore, because bean bags are so light, as your mobility improves they can be moved easily into other rooms or outdoors into the garden to break the monotony of recuperation and prevent you from feeling isolated.

There are a wide number of bean bags available that can facilitate any sort of surgical recovery, all of which come in a choice of colours and fabrics so once recovery is complete, the bean bag will still make a functional and stylish fit for your home.

To find your perfect post-surgery bean bag, Great Bean Bags provide a tailor-made medical range and offer UK customers a free next day delivery service.

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