Steps to Prevent Mosquito Attacks at Home

Are you planning some outdoor activities for family and friends this summer? A barbecue in the cooler hours, or maybe even a picnic for the entire family, can help everyone relax and enjoy their time together. However, there are still those little insects that can ruin the evening activities: mosquitoes. To prevent these bugs from throwing a wrench into you plans learn ways to clean up the yard, get traps like the My Mosquito Deleter, or even get a service for an entire mosquito treatment for yard. These steps will get you on the way to a happy, pest free, event with family and friends.


Cleaning Up Your Yard

The first step in making sure that you are free from getting attacked by those pesky little insects is to take away their habitats and breeding grounds. Adult mosquitoes might have more in common with you than you realize. They hate the afternoon sun. So, they go into the tall grasses for shade. Make sure that the lawn stays mowed down to a decent level to take their shade away. They will go somewhere else to find tall grasses to keep them cool in the heat.

There is still another aspect to keeping them out of your yard. You need to get rid of all the stagnant water. This could be places like areas underneath dripping hydrants, flower pots that do not drain, or yard toys that holds water after a big rain. Anything that will evaporate within a week isn’t of major concern. Mosquitoes need stagnant water that sits around for at least a week. It takes the week for them to lay the eggs, the eggs to hatch, and then for them to mature enough to get out of the water.

Using Traps

There are literally hundreds of options available in stores to help get rid of these little annoying insects. In all honesty, it depends on only a number of factors. It needs to be effective. It needs to be safe. Most of all, however, it needs to be a product that works for you. If you have asthma, the smoking candles might not be the best option. Similarly, anything that burns might not be the most optimal if you’re using on an in-door patio. Make sure to clearly read the instructions to set the trap properly and check to see if it can be hazardous to pets or children.

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