Storage 101: Stop Paying for Space You Don’t Need


Use what you have, horizontally and vertically. It’s like a game of 3D Tetris.

Space, you can never have too much. We all take for granted the amount of space we have. It’s the great amount of space that we have been supplied in the past that has left us with such a warped view. You should only need one storage unit. Sure you could up size but then that would cost more money. Turn couches on their side and stack boxes on one another. Get creative, this isn’t meant to be a habitable space. The following article lists some great ways to take advantage of the space you have. Use what you have, horizontally and vertically. It’s like a game of 3D Tetris.

Do you need it

Yes, this article is about taking advantage of space. To do this though you really need to be realistic about what you are keeping. Are you going to use this again? Really? If you don’t need it; sell it, donate or toss it.


Everyone plans to have their storage unit for a month. Be honest with yourself and more importantly your budget. Some places provide better costs if you agree to a longer rental period like Fort Knox Storage, click here to check out their rates. Don’t be fooled by introductory offers and don’t signs things without reading between the lines. Get lowest and long term rate. This will give you lots of time and avoid the headache of deciding what to do with your belongings when the lease finishes.


Label your boxes! There is no such thing as too much detail. When you are packing your storage facility insure you leave enough space to get to the back wall. You want full access to your belongings. You never know what you need and you’re obviously holding onto these belongings for a reason. Start organise and clean. Your only job from then on is to keep it that way. Sounds easy but you need to stay on top of it.

Safety first

Yes, I did say stack thing on top of one another. Don’t be ridiculous though. Heavy stuff should be close to the ground. This also applies to the safety of your belongings. If you are storing something expensive don’t advertise it. Write on the box something that labels the boxes content to you and you only. You’ll need insurance that does not come with the storage facility. In the event of fire, theft, etc., the storage facility will not replace your belongings. The insurance is cheap. You might think your stuff isn’t valuable enough for insurance. If so, why are you paying to store it? Just invest some money now to save a lot of money later. Buy the insurance.

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