Are You Your Home’s Worst Enemy?

Just as there are several home security habits that you should start practicing, there are others that you’ll want to ditch as soon as possible. Even the most innocent of actions could potentially serve as a serious security crack to anyone who is monitoring you and your home activities. While you’re looking into surveillance systems, […]

STAY SAFE: Home Security DIY Ideas

There used to be a time when we could roam the streets at night without fear of getting mugged or hurt. Then street crimes became more rampant and night strolls became dangerous. Unfortunately, criminals have become bolder and fearless that we feel unsafe even in our own homes. Though we want only the best protection […]

Security Gadgets for Your Home and Your Family

If you watch the evening news and read the morning paper, you will definitely be alarmed at all the crimes in various parts of the country. A lot of these are violent crimes that violate people’s right to life and property. The ordinary homeowner does not have any choice but to spend on modern home […]