Back Aches, Sauna and a Combination Massage

I had a really bad back ache and I know that I was due for a massage. But it seems that I couldn’t even get away for a couple of hours to get one. And add to that, I was kinda having second thoughts because of the expense–I am saving up for something you know. […]

All is Going According to My Plan

Lately, I had been thinking of many things. I wanted to be more focused and intentional in my saving. Oh yeah, I really save money, but I just save for the sake of saving. Now, I want it to be intentional, to work hard, to set a goal and to see that goal in fruition. […]

Being Prepared and Getting Preparations in Order

Being prepared like a Girl Scout. I like being prepared. That is one thing I learned from my mother. Following in my Spanish grandfather’s footsteps, my mother has that upbringing. When we need to go somewhere the next day, the things needed for that day should be prepared the day before. Mother doesn’t like cramming […]

God, Family, Work and Everything in Between

I have been crying a lot lately. Blame it on birthday melancholia, monthly period hormones, work stress, death in my husband’s family, lack of sleep, or lack of sugar and carb in my diet. But I had just been really weepy. Looking back during my birthday reflection, I had been thinking of finding ways to […]

Counting Your Blessings

I am publishing part of a forwarded e-mail and it is just so nice. Sometimes we complain so much that we forget how blessed we are. This is not so that we can look down on people who have less but so that we can look up to God thank Him for all His blessings. […]