All is Going According to My Plan

Lately, I had been thinking of many things. I wanted to be more focused and intentional in my saving. Oh yeah, I really save money, but I just save for the sake of saving. Now, I want it to be intentional, to work hard, to set a goal and to see that goal in fruition. […]

Being Prepared and Getting Preparations in Order

Being prepared like a Girl Scout. I like being prepared. That is one thing I learned from my mother. Following in my Spanish grandfather’s footsteps, my mother has that upbringing. When we need to go somewhere the next day, the things needed for that day should be prepared the day before. Mother doesn’t like cramming […]

Time for Some DIY Vertical Gardening

When I was a child, I spent a lot of time in our garden. I helped my parents till the soil, pull out weeds, water the plants, plant and re-plant, apply or spray fertilizer, and I even dabbled in some marcotting back then. But when I became older and started working though, I just could […]

Freely Give, Freely Receive

Last Sunday, the message of Ray-an Fuentes at the His Life worship service was about the verse John 10:10. And he said something that the way he lives his life is through faith. He also lives through God’s provision, according to His glorious riches. Anyway, he did mention about “Freely give, freely receive.” It is […]

Life–A Song By Des’ree

Recently, I remembered this song by Des’ree, which was entitled “Life.” And below the complete lyrics of the song. Anyway, I do not entirely agree to everything that she says in the song, like the superstition and the fear of seeing a ghost, but I just love the melody of this song and how danceable […]