A Reminder About Attitude

“It is easy to worry about many things. And almost everyone has something to worry about.” Last night I slept really late, or really early, because it was already around 2 am. I had to finish some work for a client. But instead of sleeping in, I woke up early today to continue working. I […]

God, Family, Work and Everything in Between

I have been crying a lot lately. Blame it on birthday melancholia, monthly period hormones, work stress, death in my husband’s family, lack of sleep, or lack of sugar and carb in my diet. But I had just been really weepy. Looking back during my birthday reflection, I had been thinking of finding ways to […]

Multitasking and Short-term Memory Loss

Studies have linked chronic, high stress multitasking under intense pressure to short term memory loss. Multitasking actually makes a person more inefficient because it reduces the brain power needed to perform each task. -Deborah Smith Pegues- I got this quote from a friend and it seems really true in my life. You see, I love […]

Ending the Day at 6PM

It is barely 6pm and I am already so tired. It had been a long day and I did not have a nap. Yet, I still cannot rest because I still have to do two more articles and then we are going to have dinner again tonight with the rest of the family. While this […]

Living a Life of Leisure

I live in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental–the seat of the sugar industry of the Philippines with a heavy Spanish influence. Negrenses were known for their leisurely lifestyle that was probably introduced by the Spaniards that occupied the province before the war. And since this province has been blessed abundantly because of the sugar industry, people […]