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Dindin's Naptime

Taking a nap in the afternoon does not make you idle or lazy. It is a privilege and a luxury that we should take advantage of for wellness.

My chiropractor who is into homeopathy said that it allows your eyes to rest. It does not have to be a long one because 10-15 minutes of a shut-eye will do. It will already rest  your eyes and revive your senses.

I have read somewhere that in Italy, Italians really take long siestas. They work hard in the morning and rest during the mid-day and just continue with the rest of their activities in the afternoon and at night. But I have also read that we should not overdo our afternoon naps. It should be short and not over 45 minutes because long naps will make our body more tired than restful. And even if you stayed up all night, you don’t need to sleep the whole day. Just 45 minutes of a nap that will already refresh you.

When I was working in a office in the past, we had a one hour and 30-minute lunch break. I would immediately eat lunch when the clock hits 12 noon and finish it as fast as I can, like about 10 minutes, just so I could brush my teeth and then take my nap. I would wake up around 1pm, freshen up myself, and make my afternoon cup of coffee. I felt really good then.

Maybe I should revive that habit. Maybe I should really eat on the dot and take a short break instead of sleeping the whole afternoon with Dindin. Hmmm…I should really get it going.

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  1. Mu na gka miss ko nang..power nap ss lunch time coz sa manila ya pwd diri bawal matulog sa lunch break..hehehe

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