Take Your Home Decorating a Step Further

When decorating their homes, most people have some sort of theme or colour scheme in mind. However, some find it difficult to decide, either because they can’t think of any ideas or because they have too many ideas and can’t make their mind up. The way you decorate your home is important because it should be a place you are happy to return to at the end of the day and relax in. You spend most of your time within the walls of your home so it makes sense that they are walls you enjoy looking at.

silver furniture

The colour silver has a way of making
things look modern and sophisticated.

Image Credit: scoutaboutinteriors.com.uk

One thing you might want to consider when decorating your home is the fact that this is the one place in the world where you are able to relax, unwind and take some time to yourself. This means it’s a good idea if your home is a relaxing place, and soft, soothing colours and little clutter will help to create this effect. Try not to have too much going on on your walls and floors, and try to avoid filling your rooms with too much furniture.

Something that most of us think about when decorating our homes is the impression we want other to have when they see it. The way we decorate our home is like a representation of our own personalities, and we want people to have a good impression, so many of us will stick with “safe” colours and furniture instead of going all out with originality and quirkiness. For those who want to take their interior décor a step further but don’t want to risk being too over the top, there are ideas out there to help.

One of the best inventions in the furniture world is silver furniture. The colour silver has a way of making things look modern and sophisticated, and if it’s reflective like a mirror it can even help to make a room appear bigger. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to stand out and could make a great statement piece. Silver coloured furniture can fit in with all sorts of décor types because it is very versatile. If you’re going for sharp and sophisticated, silver is ideal, whilst if you’re going for elegant and whimsical, silver can create a beautiful and dreamy effect.

If silver furniture isn’t your thing, you could try going for black. Black is a colour many are reluctant to use, but it can actually create some great and very bold effects (silver and black paired together are a brilliant choice). A small amount of black in any room can make a statement, but if you’d rather go for something a little more colourful, don’t be a afraid to add splashes of bright colour around your home. If you’re going to make an entire room bright, make sure it’s not somewhere where you should be at rest such as the bedroom, but adding a small amount of bright paint or a bright item of furniture to any room will draw the eye and give your home that extra bit of flavour and attitude.

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  1. Linda Cole (Style Whiz) says

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I am moving in a few months to a new home which will pretty much be a blank canvas for decorating.

    I have white Shabby Chic style furniture with a passion for blue and white porcelain and have been mulling over a color to contrast. i don’t want the standard blue and white room theme so have been looking at a pastel green or perhaps a yellow.

    I want my home to reflect my personality so I can retreat to and enjoy being there.

    We all get swept away by current decor trends which has it’s value but I think the more you can put your own stamp on a home interior the happier you will be living there.

    Now all I have to do is decide which color?

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