Taking Entertainment With You When You Go

Entertainment is one of those non-negotiable parts of life. We need some form of entertainment whether it’s spending time with loved ones, watching television, or taking a walk on the beach. While what constitutes entertainment varies wildly from person to person, one very common form of entertainment is portable. Cable television has been a staple in American homes for decades and despite the onslaught of new versions of television and movies, cable remains an integral part of most homes. People want to be able to flip on their television set and enjoy a good movie or TV show from time to time. For many, this form of entertainment is a daily part of life. When you move to a new home or apartment you will need to transfer your cable package. Modern cable companies have made this surprisingly easy to do.

Time Warner Bundle Specials

When you first find out you’re moving, you may be afraid that your cable company is going to charge you an outlandish price to move services, but most companies these days want their customers to take their entertainment with them. To encourage this, they offer moving specials. Many times you’ll find bundled offers included in their promise to move your service for free should you decide to move. Once you know you’re moving, it’s a good idea to contact your cable company and see if they’re offering any special pricing bundles for movers. If they are, you can often grab a huge package of entertainment that includes phone, Internet, and cable TV for a fraction of the price you would normally pay. Moving is often a good thing in relation to cable companies.

Taking your service shows loyalty

If you’re moving and you don’t cancel your service, cable companies are more than willing to reward you for that loyalty. Sometimes people do outright cancel service when they’re moving. The decision to stick with your cable company almost always pays off in a great moving special that nets you more entertainment year round. You can get contract or non-contract moving specials the second you have your new address. Just let your cable company know your moving date and needs and they are always more than happy to pack up your equipment and help you make the big move that you’re soon to make.

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