Talking Negatively

I got this following story from the CCF forum and thought this to be so true.

“I was in the car with my wife and we were discussing how a businessman had taken advantage of some Christians in terms of money and investments. Then she asked me, “Were you affected?” You know, I was fine, I was not angry with that person but when I began to tell my wife what happened, I began to develop anger toward him. I discovered something. When you begin to speak negatively about somebody, it affects you. Also, when you raise your voice at people, the more you get angry. It is because the mouth affects the heart, and the heart affects the mouth. Therefore, you need to control your tongue and you need to allow God to change your heart.”

When something or someone irks us, I guess we should be able to find ways and means to dispel the anger and negative energies welling up in us. Talking about them even for the sake of discussion builds up more anger in us. In the end, our health suffers because we become angrier. And most of the time this anger is project onto other things and other people.

Indeed, the best recourse is to allow God to change our hearts, to soften them, and also to give us a chance to forgive.

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