The 6 Essential Home Appliances

Appliances run your household. Without reliable and efficient machines your daily routine can become more prolonged and tiresome. It’s a good idea to ensure you are housing the most appropriate and essential appliances to suit your needs. Here are a few essential appliances to have in your home.

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Washing Machine

A washing machine, like those sold by kitchen appliance companies such as ASKO, are a staple in almost all households. With a washing machine, you know your clothes are being washed properly and efficiently. Family homes can produce large loads of dirty washing each week. Without a washing machine you would be stuck washing by hand, or karting huge bundles to the local laundromat. Save yourself the time and hassle by investing in a reliable washing machine to suit yours and your family’s needs.


A dishwasher provides great value to your kitchen. Often, when cleaning dishes with soap and water, germs and grime can build up on the sponges. A dishwasher provides a safe and efficient way to clean your dishes that saves water and protects your family from the spread of germs. The kitchen is a breeding ground for unsavory guests because of the excessive heat and moisture. A dishwasher eliminates this being spread to your eating surfaces.


Most kitchens are incomplete without a refrigerator. Often the only way to keep your food fresh is by keeping it cold. Consider the deep summer days of sweltering heat and humidity. Now consider not having a refrigerator. It might seem obvious, but without a refrigerator your food would not last nearly as long.


Summer months can get hot and humid. A de-humidifier is a great addition to a home because it creates a more balanced amount of moisture in the air. De-humidifiers are also a valuable way to relieve discomfort for allergy sufferers. Dust and germs thrive in humid air. Remove this trigger from your home by investing in a de-humidifier.


Microwaves are a staple of the kitchen. Not only can they heat food in minutes, they can defrost and cook various food groups as well. A microwave can easily be used every day. With that in mind, you should ensure that your appliance is reliable and efficient. Choose a microwave that has a large variety of features to suit whatever you may need on a daily basis.


Choose your weapon – toaster, toaster oven, or sandwich press. These appliances not only toast bread, but also can provide a more versatile kitchen. Rather inexpensive, toasters are a simple addition that no kitchen is complete without.

Chances are, most homes will have all of the appliances listed above. While most homes are incomplete without several of the above-mentioned appliances, the rest are a matter of personal taste and daily needs. The best appliances are the ones you use on a daily basis. What appliance couldn’t you live without?

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