The Benefits of a Healthy Workplace and How to Make Workplaces Healthier

When governments start implementing healthy workplace initiatives it’s a safe bet to assume someone stands to save money somewhere and if you’re an employer, that person could be you.

Healthy workplace initiatives make perfect sense; after all, if a workforce is a company’s most important asset, one worth investing in by providing them with training, employee engagement programs and the like, doesn’t it also make sense to provide them with a comfortable place to work that doesn’t impact negatively upon their health?

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When studies are conducted into modern workplaces, the findings are often rather disturbing, with too many workplaces stifling their workers with cramped workspaces, poor air quality, a lack of natural light and nowhere to get up and stretch their legs.

Workplaces needn’t be like this and it’s in the best interests of employers to make sure they aren’t – here are five of the many benefits associated with having a healthy (physically and psychologically) workforce.

1. Improved workforce productivity and performance

The happier and healthier a workforce is the more productive they are and the better they perform.

2. Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Happy, healthy employees provide better customer experiences through higher customer service standards which consequently enhance customer retention levels.

3. Reduced absenteeism and staff turnover

High levels of staff absenteeism and turnover take a serious financial toll on the fiscal health of business organizations.

4. Fewer accidents in the workplace

Implementing strict health and safety standards results in fewer accidents and saves companies more money than they spend on making their workplaces safer.

5. More appealing company culture and enhanced company image

By implementing measures to improve employee health and provide them with a healthy workplace, companies enjoy a more appealing company culture and image which helps to attract top talent and boosts public relations.

These are outstanding benefits for companies to aim for by providing their workforces with comfortable, healthy workplaces and every penny invested in their employees’ health receives excellent returns.

How to Make Your Workplace Healthier

Your organization could spend thousands improving its workplace to make it healthier for your employees but there’s usually little need to do so – you could make your workplace healthier for your employees without spending a penny.

However, by setting aside a budget to make improvements to your workplace you do stand to gain excellent returns, so take note of the five suggestions below and reap the many outstanding benefits of implementing them.

1. Improve air quality

Desktop plants are a great way to improve the quality of the air in your workplace and they’ve been scientifically proven to boost productivity levels in the workplace.

Also, have your air conditioning units cleaned regularly and try to let fresh air circulate throughout the workplace if possible.

2. Provide more space

Feeling cramped is physically and psychologically uncomfortable and it could be taking its toll on employee morale and productivity in your organization.

Declutter workstations and move desks so your employees have as much space to work as possible. Also, consider offering your employees the option of standing workstations.

3. Room to move

In addition to having ample space to work, employees also need to move about the office to stretch their legs and get oxygen pumping to their brains.

Breakout areas are essential in the modern workplace, as is a clear path between desks so that everyone can move about the workplace comfortably and safely.

4. Natural light

The benefits of natural light in the workplace are well-known, particularly their effects on employee morale and workplace productivity.

If you can’t allow more natural light into your workplace, encourage your employees to step outside from time to time to soak up the sun.

5. Workplace initiatives

Workplace initiatives like healthy breakfast days and pre-work boot camps are an excellent way to encourage your workforce to take a greater interest in their health, plus they also provide a first-rate opportunity for management to get together with their employees and get to know each other, which in turn, invokes further benefits.

The benefits of a healthy workforce are too good not to capitalize upon by making a few changes to your workplace; moreover, don’t forget that it’s your place of work too.


Bonnie Macgregor is a writer for a company whose client base includes not only start-ups and SMEs but also big corporations. MWB Business Exchange is a leading provider of quality London commercial offices.

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