The Enigma of Bathrooms

nice bathroom design

A nice and spacious bathroom design from I love the fact that it is neat, has light neutral colors, and unisex appeal on its decor.

The bathroom is the most unique part of the house. It is not a public place because the door is mostly closed to visitors. However, when needed, it is opened to whoever would like to relieve themselves.

As for the owner, it is perhaps the only place in the house that they can be themselves. Dressed down, they are left to their own thoughts as they go about their routine grooming and hygiene procedures. As they make use of all the bath fittings, they are lost in their reflections for the day, that sometimes the acts just become mechanical.

But for a lot of women, the bathroom is a sanctuary. They carefully think of their bathroom designs. It is their only place away from the stress of the work place, the aromas of the kitchen, or from the noise of the kids. It is a place where they can pamper themselves with a nice aromatherapeutic bath or just indulge in a good body scrubbing. It is the place where they can also take a good look at themselves as they strip their faces of their makeup and apply their nightly beauty regimen. A lot of times they have an “a-ha!” moment before the bathroom mirror, like the discovery of a pimple, a fine line, or a gray hair.

For many people, the bathroom is a place of both routine as well as surprisingly wonderful things, which is the reason why it is probably the most enigmatic part of the house.

If budget and space permits, I would like my future house to have that kind of bathroom design above that is spacious, airy, and neat. It would be nice to stay here for hours!

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