The Expense of Getting a Massage and Why It is Worth It

There are people I have talked to who do not get massages either because they are ticklish, they are squeamish, or they don’t feel like they don’t need it. Others, however, feel that it is because they don’t want to get used to the sensation and look after it because it is an expensive addiction.

While I agree that it is expensive to maintain getting a regular massage therapy, I don’t believe in getting addicted to it.

I am one proponent of getting a therapeutic massage when I am stressed, when my muscles are sore from too much fatigue, or when I am not feeling well (having a flu, colds or cough). That is because after a massage, I really feel better, stronger, and have more energy to work and do things. My mind is also working well.

So here are my reasons why getting a massage is worth it for me. No, I don’t get a regular massage like weekly or monthly. I get one when I need one.

1. Mental Break. This may be because my work is mostly creative (writing, design, editing, etc.) that I need to relax my mind. After a nice massage and many days thereafter, my mind can think up of many things to do and I get pretty nice ideas, too.

2. Healing. Massage is definitely therapeutic. There is just something healing with getting a massage. The aches and pains are relieved and even the healing of viral or bacterial infections are hastened.

3. Rejuvenation. I am really refreshed after a massage. I feel energetic and raring to work.

That is why no matter what they say about massage being expensive and addicting, I still get massages whenever I feel I need them because for me they are worth it. If I don’t relax and get a massage and then I would get sick because of too much stress, then I would not be able to work and would have to spend for medicines. That would be more expensive and do not feel nice, as compared to spending some time in a cozy spa like Spa Natura in Bacolod City. I especially endorse their lovely Swedish massage–aahh…very soothing and relaxing.

So the next time you feel really stressed or your getting down with something, try getting a full body massage. And while you are at the spa, do hit the sauna or the steam bath for a complete therapeutic treatment.

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