The Importance of Choosing a Good Student Let

So it’s time to make some plans for college and find somewhere to stay while you are there. Will it be a flat or are you keen to find something bigger – a house share perhaps?

The property you choose may be one of the most important things on the agenda before you start your studies. This is because it will be a base for you while you go through a year or more of studying. It should therefore be practical, conveniently located and able to provide you with everything you need.

student letSo where do you begin?

Well, let’s suppose you are looking for student lets; In this case you will want to know where the college is and how far each potential let is from the college. If you can walk or cycle there from your student let property, you’ll save a fortune on transport costs. These can really add up over the course of a year, so bear this in mind.

Of course you’ll want a property to stay in that is well-maintained too. Never agree to any let unless you can see it first. You should be able to view the room and the property you will be staying in, so you can see whether it will suit you.

Think about whether any particular student let has more perks than others. For example some student lets Loughborough has may have been recently done up or renovated. These are likely to be of better quality in several ways when compared to older lets. It may not make or break your choice but it could have an effect.

Think about the cost of renting too. While most lets will fall into a certain bracket with regard to price, think about what you will get for your money. For example will you be happy to rent a smaller room for a cheaper price, or would you rather have a larger room? If you’d prefer some private space to stretch out and enjoy your own company, this will be important to you. Others might prefer to have bigger communal areas so they can socialise with their friends more often. Which would apply in your case?

As you can see there are numerous things to consider here. If you decided to rent a room in a flat share there is unlikely to be a garden. If you really want access to the outdoors it would be a very good idea to opt for a house share instead.

The more you look into the various reasons why you should choose a good-quality let, the more you realise just how important your choice is. So don’t rush it – take a look at a collection of house lets and see which one will tick all the boxes for you.

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