The Importance of Providing Quality Workstations to Employees

Ensuring your employees are working to their full potential and that they are happy in the workplace you provide is your responsibility, and a key part of this is providing them with high quality workstations. This will also reduce worker’s claims for compensation, cut back on the healthcare costs for your business and increase productivity within your company. All of these objectives should be a primary target for company owners and they can all be achieved by improving the ergonomics in the workplace. Practicing effective ergonomics by giving your employees high quality workstations to work from is vital and it has proven to save company money, boost productivity, enhance the quality of work and improve your workers happiness within their job.

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So, just how does a good quality workstation achieve all of this?

Comfort Improves Productivity

The more comfortable your staff are, the more productive they are. Keeping a good posture, enduring fewer movements and less exertion along with improved heights and ideal reaches ensures your workstations are ergonomic, which in turn will increase the productivity of your workers. Being able to reach equipment easily with accessible drawers and having everything to hand from paperwork to stationery will all help to boost productivity in your workers.

Employee Engagement Will Increase

Engagement from your employees isn’t only related to their productivity but also to their overall demeanour.

A suitable workstation will help with the following:

• Boosting morale • Installing a better work ethic • Decreasing absenteeism • Reducing employee turnover

Providing your staff with good quality workstations makes them feel more valued and this can help to improve their loyalty to your company.

Ergonomic Equipment Will Save Money

Ergonomic related injuries can cost a lot of money, whether it be in the loss of a good member of staff or due to a compensation claim. The indirect costs of an injury can add up to 20 times more than the cost of the actual injury, and by providing your employees with ergonomic workbenches, you will significantly reduce this costly risk. Your employees will also feel less inclined to put a claim in for compensation if they feel the corporation has done all they can to provide them with a good working environment.

Overall Performance Will Improve

The more appreciated a member of staff is made to feel, the more dedicated to the job they will become. Your employees will feel like valuable assets and this will have a knock-on effect on everything they do, from adhering to health and safety guidelines through to putting in better performances at work.

After all, who wants to sit at an uncomfortable station all day?

Are Ergonomic Workstations Worth the Cost?

Purchasing good quality workstations is like making an investment. It will show your employees they are worth the investment, which in turn increases their loyalty.

As a company owner, you will need to ask yourself the following three questions before making an investment:

1. Will it decrease your outgoings? 2. Will it increase your revenue? 3. Will it benefit your employees/company?

When considering providing your employees with a comfortable workstation, you will answer all of the above questions with a resounding “yes”, ensuring good ergonomics in the workplace is something all modern businesses need to focus on. Whether your employees need a workstation to do technical work, a desk job, carpentry, design, metal work, planning, proofing, writing or website design, it is in the best interests of your company to invest in good quality workstations that will end up saving you money, earning your more money and improving employee morale.

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