Things You Should Remove From and Add To Your Office to Aid Productivity

Clutter is often identified as the number one impediment to workplace productivity, and whilst there are often other obstacles standing in the way, it’s difficult to deny that a cluttered, cramped office space is hardly conducive to working in an efficient, productive manner.


Whilst clutter is most certainly out, that isn’t to say you should work in an office that’s been stripped bare, so whilst you’re ridding your office of clutter, give some thought to the things you should add.

Here are a few prominent candidates to rid from your office and a few to consider replacing them with.

Remove old papers and books

Old papers and books not only occupy space that could be better utilised, but they also make it difficult to find the things you need, like new papers and books, when you need them.

Old paper materials also present a problem in that they have a tendency to collect dust and microscopic particles that wreak havoc with the health of employees, aggravating allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions and often inducing them.

Add a desktop plant

Plants, whether placed on your desktop for a much needed splash of colour or behind you on your bookshelf, have been linked with enhanced employee productivity in many studies, including studies conducted by NASA.

Certain plants are better contenders than others due to their air filtration properties – some plants are extremely effective at removing bacteria and mould from the air – though there’s a lot to be said for selecting plants based on their aesthetic properties alone, so if it makes you feel good to have a colourful plant on your desk, go for it.

Remove unused office equipment

Outdated office equipment is often bulky and takes up space that could be better utilised. If you don’t use an item of equipment very often, or at all, like a scanner for instance, either store it somewhere out of the way or sell it and invest in something more useful.

Add multipurpose office equipment. A good example of an item of multipurpose equipment would be a combination photocopier/printer/scanner – this is often called an all-in-one printer – something that has two or more purposes.

Remove old furniture in your office

Not all old furniture is useless, or bordering on it, though it’s safe to say that old furniture is rarely ergonomic furniture and that’s the kind of furniture you should be investing in for your employees.

Some researchers claim that as much as £1 out of every £3 incurred in workers compensation costs can be attributed to MSDs, so there exists a notable opportunity for substantial cost savings.

Add ergonomic furniture

The benefits associated with ergonomic furniture are far too good to overlook because researchers have identified a direct correlation between ergonomic furniture and increased employee productivity, which is also the case with ergonomic computer accessories like keyboards.

Ergonomics helps to improve productivity in a number of ways, and not only by reducing MSDs, a prominent cause of employee absenteeism, but also by reducing exertion and mitigating unnecessary movement.

Remove fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent lighting is notably inefficient and it’s also responsible for a number of negative health effects including eyestrain, headaches and migraines, female hormonal/menstrual cycle disruption, obesity and sleeping problems brought on by melatonin suppression.

Add LED lighting or another eco-friendly alternative

LED lights and other lighting alternatives are increasingly more affordable, rendering them excellent candidates to replace fluorescent lighting with, plus there are a number of excellent benefits associated with LED lighting.

These benefits include greater energy efficiency, a longer lifespan, no UV emissions, greater design flexibility and easy light dispersement control.

Remove underutilised storage equipment

Filing cabinets are examples of underutilised storage equipment as businesses increasingly digitalise their files, so if you don’t need those old bookcases and filing cabinets any longer, get rid of them.

Add as little as possible or nothing at all

By adding as little as possible or nothing at all to the space you’ve cleared you’ve just created a collaboration area, a space where employees can bring their chairs, form a circle and discuss work matters.

Enhancing productivity in the workplace is often as simple as ridding your office and replacing it with something else – time to get started decluttering.

About the Author: Anthony Lehman is writing on a freelance basis for a provider of flexible workspaces in Ireland. To know more about Regus Ireland office space and other venues, check out their website.

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