Three Floor Sanding Myths You Thought Were True But Aren’t

Few things add to a home’s character (and its asking price!) more than a beautifully finished hardwood floor. However, when floors become worn, many people choose to go other routes instead of restoring their floors, as they think sanding is too big or too messy a job. Some think carpet is the way to go; that it may be the cheaper option. Others believe that, if their home has suffered some sort of water damage, sanding their floors is just not an option. These popular misconceptions have kept a number of people from letting the natural beauty of a hardwood floor shine through in their homes.

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As technology has rapidly progressed in so many other
areas, so too has it in floor sanding equipment.
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Let’s take a look at some of these commonly held beliefs and find out why they’re outdated:

Myth #1- Sanding is messy

When you begin to consider sanding your floors the first image to pop up is often one of a dusty mess. Sure, if you were to use the wrong equipment, it could get messy. However, as technology has rapidly progressed in so many other areas, so too has it in floor sanding equipment. Today, the desired method for floor sanding is using a ‘dust-free’ machine that is designed to pick up the wood dust as it is created. Think of these as vacuum cleaners that also sand the floor. The added benefit is that sanding your floor with one of these dustless sanders is very time friendly. Depending on the size of your sanding project and the number of rooms you wish to refinish, in many cases the entire refinishing job can be done inside of a day by the top professionals.

Myth #2- Carpeting is the less expensive option

Many homeowners decide to go the carpeting route – just cover up the old floors and no one will even know the damage is there. Some feel it is more cost effective and inviting, while others think it would add more value to their home than worn out hardwood floors.

However, carpeting is not as inexpensive as some might think. We’ve all seen the commercials for local carpet stores advertising, what seems to be, incredibly low prices with free installation. But, do you know about the other costs associated with carpeting? Low price carpets inevitably come with a catch. The pile is usually very thin and the material is low quality, which means the carpets will probably be less than attractive and will wear down after just a few short years, costing you even more money down the line to replace them once again. However, sanding and resurfacing your timber floors is a once-off and surprisingly cost-effective task, and the result will be a floor that is good as new and can last another 20+ years of daily use.

Also, from a health standpoint, carpet tends to trap or contain a large number of allergens and toxins. New carpets can contain an alarming number of what’s called “Volatile Organic Compounds” and older carpets can be far worse with years of dust, mould, or fungus trapped in them. From a home value standpoint, carpeted floors can actually decrease the value of your home while hardwood floors have been shown time and time again to increase the value.

Myth #3- Sanding Can’t Repair Water Damage

Repairing water damage to hardwood flooring is not as difficult or as costly as some may think. It should be noted though, that this depends on the severity of the damage. Most water damage is minimal, can be easily identified, and can be easily repaired by allowing the floors to dry out completely and then sanding out the water stains from the wood. In more severe cases, as when pipes burst or Mother Nature rushes her liquid eyes in to see our beautiful hardwood floor herself, flooring may need to be replaced. The key to repairing water damage is to spot it as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more costly or damaging it can become, regardless of the flooring option you choose.

When you think of how much more open, natural, and beautiful hardwood flooring is, how it is the healthier option, and how it can last the lifetime of the home, the ease and cost of sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors has more benefit rumoured burdens – most of which have now been debunked!

Chris Webb is the Director of Webb Floor Sanding, a leading provider of Floor Sanding, Polishing, Renovation and Repair services in Perth, Western Australia. Connect with Chris on Google+.

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