Time for a Roof Check-Up

Beach outings and road trips are some of the activities that people look forward to during the summer season. However, homemakers should not let these leisure activities distract them from their home maintenance tasks. Just as people have their annual health check-up, the health of the house should also be checked on an annual basis. And when it comes to a roof check-up, there is no better time to do it than during the summer season.

roof check-up

Roof maintenance is much more than just giving your roof a once over or inspecting it for damages. You have to consider the wear and tear, external factors that may damage the roof, and ensure that repairs are done in a timely and efficient manner. To cover all three concerns easily, you may go about the roof check-up pretty much like a physician conducting an annual physical check-up on their patients. You can first start with a general review of the roof’s condition. This can simply cover the age of your roofing, damage findings, and repairs done during the last inspection. You may also ask household members if there are any present concerns on the roof to help you pinpoint possible damage areas on the roof.

Next step is the physical inspection of the roof. Check the surrounding areas for external factors that may damage the shingles or the roof itself. The most common concerns here are nearby trees that have branches falling on the roof or branches that lean on the roof. Trees can also shade your roof from the sun for long periods of time. This can cause growth of molds or fungus that leads to the deterioration of roof materials. Trim the branches regularly to protect your roof from getting damaged. You also need to check the roof for missing and damaged shingles. They are your first defense against water damage to the interiors so make sure that they are in tip top condition before the rain comes.

The roof check-up will help you diagnose any problems or damages on the roof. But your maintenance task doesn’t end there. You have to make sure that repairs are done before the rainy season starts or you might find yourself bearing with a leaky roof until the sunny days return. Just like in a person’s health. prevention is the key. So come summer time, check the roof for damages and address them immediately no matter how small they look.

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