Tips for Having a Successful Open House

By Robert Barlow

Moving is stressful in all of its stages, but perhaps none more than trying to get a good enough price for your old house in order to afford your new one. If you’re going to get the price you need it’s all about marketing and projecting the best possible face onto it. Some simple steps to success can be followed to put the best possible face on the situation.

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Sometimes something as simple as offering snacks or beverages can do wonders for the temperament of your guests, putting them in a good mood when you begin makes for a receptive mood later in the proceedings. Once your prospective buyers like you things are a little easier. A lot of people base first impressions on the little things. Remember, your clients have likely been to two or three open houses today, distinguishing yourself in even the smallest way is important.


Building a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for an open house is important and fairly easy to do. Some simple decorations and furniture arranging may make your last few days in the place uncomfortable for you, but it will make your prospective clients picture a house as something that can be considered and bought, rather than someone else’s home. No one wants to buy a place they don’t feel like they belong in. In addition giving you buyers a sense of space or potential can be useful so you may want to get some of your things out of the way. Try Fort Knox furniture storage if you need a place to put things in the meantime.


There is a fine line when it comes to reminiscing about your home at an open house, you want people to feel like this is a place where people have made memories so they see the potential for doing it themselves. However you don’t want the person to feel like they’re invading your home. Stick to doing it now and again and try not to get misty eyed as you do, you have to show these people your whole house and if it feels like they’re forcing you out of your home no one will want that.

Play to your strengths

Does your house have a wide open living space? Move your furniture to the walls to show off the potential. Does it have features that are rare and interesting? Are there just things about it you think are particularly appealing? Wonderful, build the open house around emphasising that strength and hiding any weaknesses. Make it the logical end point for people milling around so they come away with a positive image, or show it to everyone at the very beginning so they know right out what your house is about. A resource not used is no resource at all.

Making an impression is hard to do, making an impression that is entirely the one you want to make is even harder. Try to be welcoming and accepting of your guests, build them a friendly welcoming atmosphere and show off what you’re proud of. Eventually the right buyer will arrive.

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