Tips on Maximizing Small Kitchen Space

Living in apartments or condominium will force you to take in all that tiny space and find ways to maximize your living room, bedroom and your kitchen. You might take one look at your kitchen right now and sigh in frustration over trying to fit all your pots and pans, cooking utensils and dishes in that small space. But with a little creativity and adjustment you can actually make more room with your small kitchen space and still make it look good. In maximizing your kitchen, your goal should center on making your necessities more reachable to save time and energy.

small kitchen space

“With a little creativity and adjustment you can actually make more
room with your small kitchen space and still make it look good.”
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Clear Up and Organize your Space

Check your pots, pans and cooking dishes to know which ones you often use and which are the ones you hardly use. Put away those rarely used ones to clear up space for the usual items you use. You can take advantage of your pantries, drawers and cabinets to store different cooking utensils, pots and pans especially those larger in size. Put racks in these cabinets and sort the pans according to their sizes. Store your pots and pans more easily by flipping the lids upside down so that handles are inside them. Then use dishware organizers to keep your silverware and cooking utensils in drawers.

Rack Up

If you have a high ceiling in your place, you can make use of an overhead pot rack to suspend pots and pans from above. This looks really cool idea for small kitchen space and can make you feel like you’re on a cooking show. But if you have a low ceiling, simply make do with wall shelves and hang them on hooks to store your cooking items.

Make Use of Baskets

Place baskets in nondescript nooks in your kitchen as storage for items that you may not give second thoughts about once put away. Have one on top of your refrigerator and toss rarely used items in it.

Make a Place for Spices

Spices should be easily accessible from the kitchen stove so you won’t be fumbling for them in the cabinets. Mount them in a nice rack on the counter next to your stove so you can easily reach for it while cooking.

Use Containers to Store Pantry Food

Keep eyesores from your small kitchen space by organizing food items. Use reusable, stackable containers in different sizes to store half-opened pantry such as cereals or pasta and label them up according to contents. You can also cut out recipes from old packages and keep them in containers too.

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