Tips for Preventing and Treating Bed Bugs

Bed bugs: two little words that can strike fear into homeowners everywhere. A bed bug infestation is nothing to take lightly and, as with most things, a great defense is the best offense.
bed bug mattress encasementFollow these tips for keeping bed bugs far, far away from your home. As they say, don’t let the bed bugs bite! (And if they do, there are a few tips for treating them as well.)

1. Clean up! A cluttered and dirty home is a great breeding ground and hiding place for bed bugs. It’s especially important to keep your bedroom and closet clutter- and dust-free.

2. Make it a habit to wash and heat-dry your blankets, pillowcases, bedspreads, sheets, etc. Clean out your laundry bags and hampers every time you do laundry, too.

3. Avoid mattresses and furniture that other people have thrown out – bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers!

4. Be extra careful when sleeping in areas with a lot of other people, like at a hotel or a college dorm. Using a protective cover for your mattress, doing laundry often and keeping an eye out for any signs of bed bugs in the area are excellent preventative measures.

5. When returning home from a trip, check your luggage, clothing and belongings before bringing anything into the house.

6. When purchasing secondhand items, like clothing, make sure to check everything thoroughly before bringing the items into your home. Better yet, make a trip to the laundromat first.

If the Worst Happens…

• Do you really have bed bugs or do you have some other type of pest? Identify the bed bugs before taking steps to get rid of them. It’s possible that you could have a flea or tick problem instead.

• Stay calm. Yes, bed bugs are a problem and a nuisance, but it’s not impossible to get rid of them for good.

• Consider the various treatment options – pesticides aren’t the only way to go.

• Vacuum every crack, crevice and part of your home that you can. Immediately put the vacuum bag in a trash bag, seal it and dispose of it in an outdoor dumpster.

• If your mattress has become overrun with bed bugs, it’s best to get rid of it as soon as possible. Don’t try to treat the mattress with pesticides, which are harmful to humans.?

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