Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Small Closet Space

Ample storage space is one of the requirements in maintaining cleanliness and order around the house. But, when one lives in an apartment with a small closet then coming up with ample storage for all your stuff can be challenging. Those who brave the challenge are often rewarded with a beautiful and clutter free home that also has a pleasant ambiance. Armed with a few space saving tricks, tips in organizing things, and courage to let go of your old stuff, taking on the task of maximizing small closet space should be a cinch.

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Organizing a closet is not just a matter of adding shelves or boxes to fit everything you own. You also have to know the storage requirements of the items in your closet. Some clothing items need to be hung while others can simply be folded. You also have to consider storage for bulky stuff and those that may be deformed or damaged due to improper storage. The first step in maximizing small closet space is to do a quick inventory everything that needs to be stored. This can give you an idea on how much space you’ll need to store everything. Then you can plan on how to organize your closet in order to make the most out of the available space.

There are several tricks that can help you use every available space without cramping or ruining your clothes. Installing tiered hangers in the closet will allow you to maximize use of vertical space. You can also put in adjustable shelving with a vertical space design or cubby holes so you can store folded clothes, socks, bags, etc. in their own slots. Fastening hooks on the closet door for your belts or scarves can free up some more space inside the closet. There are also vacuum packs that you can use to store off season items and place them at the bottom of the closet.

You can fill a closet from top to bottom without ruining the form of your clothes, shoes or bag. With the proper tools, you can have a neat, efficient and well organized storage system in your bedroom. Maximizing small closet space is best done with a bit of creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to let go of items that you no longer use.

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