Turn Your Home Green with Low Maintenance Plants

It has been decades since scientists gave warnings on the ill effects of green house gases yet the rising level of carbon dioxide emissions still remain a foremost concern for environmentalists. Since we all live in the same planet, it is in our best interest to contribute in the efforts to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the surroundings. This can be done by growing plants around the house. Plants consume the carbon dioxide and help create fresh and clean air in your surroundings. A green thumb is not a pre-requisite for growing plants especially if you have low maintenance plants that make gardening activities just a breeze.

low maintenance plant

People who are hesitant to start an indoor garden because of their busy schedule can take their pick among different plant varieties that require little attention. Low maintenance plants vary from succulent plants, indoor trees, shrubs, vines, and flower bearing plants that add beauty and fragrance in the surroundings. One that immediately comes to mind is Cacti. There are plenty of houseplant candidates in the cactus species. What makes them great for a reluctant gardener is that they can go without watering for weeks and even months. The recommended growing medium for cacti is soil that is low in humus or coarse sand.

Those who prefer succulent houseplants that do not require frequent watering can include the Jade Plant and Aloe Vera in their list of options. Jade Plants have thick bright green leaves that can look even better in a nice pot. It has slow growth which means there is not much pruning required. Simply place them in an area where they can bask in bright indirect light to keep them happy. They do not require much water and are best left in soil that is somewhat dry. The Aloe Vera’s long and succulent leaves can be an interesting addition in your indoor décor. They also have medicinal properties that may come in handy.

There are also some nice looking vines in the selection of low maintenance plants. They provide a nice alternative to the usual potted plant that one would find inside the house. Heart-leaf Philodendron and Spider Plant are good options for decorating your indoors. They can be placed in hanging baskets or grown as climbing plants.

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