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A change of wall paper or new paint on the walls is one of the most common home renovations that people undertake whenever they want a fresh new look for their homes. Those who have a few more extra bucks in the budget can also consider replacing old doors for a completely modern or updated look. Good quality doors can last for 100 years or so but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wait that long to replace it. A new exterior door is one good way to create an impression for your home this year.

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Size, design, and materials are three basic considerations in picking a door.

Choosing and buying the right one that fits your home perfectly can be a tedious task. Your choice can spell the difference between a simple installation to a complicated task that requires trimming and refitting. Size, design, and materials are three basic considerations in picking a door. If you simply want to change your exterior door without requiring structural work in the house, then it is best to pick one with the same size as your old door. Usual door sizes are 32 to 36 inches wide for single doors and 42 inches for double doors, while door height can be around 7 to 8 feet tall depending on the height of the ceiling.

As far as design is concerned, one should always look for doors that complement the architecture of the house. Moldings can look great in traditional homes while sleek styles are best suited for contemporary homes. Door options also come in different materials like wood, steel, glass, fiberglass, vinyl, and others. There are also some that are made from fire resistant materials for added protection or for compliance with building codes in some areas. Fiberglass composites are preferred options for those who like the look of wood without much maintenance requirements.

Aside from protection from outside elements, a well groomed exterior also reflects a positive image for the homemakers. You can create a better impression this year by replacing your outdated and worn exterior door with modern ones that exude style and durability.

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