Useful Tips On How to Survive In the Wild

There is low possibility of getting lost in wilderness but if it happens you will significantly increase your chances of survival just by knowing few tricks which will help you not to loose your hope while you are alone in the dark. There are different laws existing in the wild so you must be prepared for harsh living conditions hoping that you will find your way out as soon as possible. You must act and think quick in order to find river, the road or some kind of pathway which will lead you to civilization. Stay positive and follow these steps:

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Hide yourself from an ‘open sky’

When you find yourself lost in an unknown area and realize that it is getting darker and colder, it is probably the best idea to try and find shelter as soon as possible. Trying to find your way during the night is much more complicated and could result in even more trouble. If you do not find shelter, the only thing you have left is to build one. The best idea is to use branches, preferably from bamboo, and rope to build something that will serve as a roof. Also, make sure to use dry branches and grass to create a dry foundation that will serve as a bed.

Find a warm place to stay

One of the most important skills you need to learn is how to build a fire. This is the first step you need to know as it will keep you warm, help you prepare food but also might help you fend yourself from possible attacks. It can be accomplished in a few ways; the key is in being patient. You will need dry branches and paper or dry leaves. If it happens that you have a lens by your side, you might use it to your advantage. Also, using two sticks and drilling one into another can do the trick.

Don’t be picky

Studies say that people can survive for about 3 weeks without food. Of course, going this long without food will make you fatigue, weak and unnourished and it will be much harder for you to function properly. This is why you should find proper ways to quench your hunger; this will give you strength to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Relying on plants, berries and other fruitage might be troublesome as you never know what will be toxic for your body. Another option is hunting, which can be done by improvised traps and weapons made of rocks, metal, wood and ropes.

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Hydration is essential

The maximum period for humans to survive without water is about 3 days. It is one of the key elements of surviving in the wild. Without water your body will become weak, you might even start hallucinating and you will become an easy prey. If you are not lucky to find a pond or any similar body of water, you can always rely on collecting rainwater. If it happens that it is not raining, it is good to keep in mind that water gathers in tree crotches and rock services.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects is knowing how to orient in the place you are located and trying to find the best solution to get back on the right path. If it happens so that you do not have a compass in your pocket, there are several things in nature that may help you navigate better. You may follow the position of the sun, stars and the moon, but might also make an improvised compass using a needle shaped object and a nonmetal string. Also carrying a wildlife camera might help you retrace your steps.

Getting stuck in the wilderness without any equipment can be a terrifying experience. Using these tips you just might find a solution to withstand the horrors of being lost somewhere unfamiliar. The key thing is actually to remain calm, even though it sounds quite impossible. If you panic there is a great chance to put yourself in a much harder situation. If you remain calm, it will help you make the right decisions. Remember, even Bear Grills has a team of cameraman following him everywhere.

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