Using Color to Get You in the Right Mood

Are you feeling unexplainably drab day after day? Do you find yourself fussing over every single detail in every room in your house without feeling satisfied? Maybe it’s not really your home décor and furnishings that’s giving you the blues. Maybe you need a blast of color and music in your home to get you in the mood. Using color has been found in scientific researches to have a profound effect on your mood. Find out what these are and contact your renovator right away to give your walls a new coat of paint.

If you want a boost of energy, you can start with bright and sunny yellow. Choose a shade that’s bright enough without being too overpowering. Don’t forget to work on accents to highlight some features and neutral tones to play down the shades a bit. This color is best for the den and the living room. You can also add variants of yellow like orange which is believed to be good for lung health. In using color to lift your spirits, you can go for green. It’s a hopeful color that works well in different rooms. A wall paper of pinstriped celadon green and light green lends a fun yet elegant feel to a room. It actually results in a contrast of feelings with the positive energy and the calming effect it has. Similarly, blue also relaxes the mind and body. In fact, the color blue is believed to be a good color therapy for those who are sick and in pain. You can choose to paint your bedroom walls with sky blue that sets the right atmosphere for your body to recharge and rejuvenate for the next day. You will no doubt wake up in a more positive disposition.

More serious browns and blacks are great for those who want to feel more formal and elegant. This is often used in home offices and libraries. These colors do not have to be boring at all. Brown has as diverse a spectrum as other colors. You can go for combinations of lighter tans contrasting with rich deep browns. This palette is actually flexible enough for you to play up or down with the use of decorative elements and accents.

Using color is a great way to change the way your interiors look and the way you feel in your home. You don’t have to spend a great deal with a complete renovation. A good paint job and maybe a new furniture layout could give you that fresh feeling so you can look forward to each waking day in more positive light.

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