5 Ways to Help Sell Your Home

If your home is on the market or you are preparing your home for sale, making a few improvements to maximise the sale price of your property is definitely worthwhile. Even in tightly contested markets, property buyers do not want to pay any more than they have to. Given this, it’s important that you present your home in a way that shows exceptional value for your buyer’s money.

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Ensure the exterior creates a great first impression

Experts know that purchasers make a decision about whether a property is well-suited to them, based on its curb-side appeal and external appearance. Create a positive first impression by focusing on the exterior of your home. One of the best ways to improve your home’s appearance is to focus on the garden. Landscaping can significantly improve the appearance of a home and attention to the front lawn and garden beds (so that they are well maintained, manicured and neatly presented), will make a huge amount of difference to its presentation and the way that is perceived by others. Do your research by getting in touch with lawn and turf companies such as Hancey’s Turf to get an understanding of what would be required and the cost.

Carry out repairs

In the time that you have lived in your home or have had tenants in your property, it’s likely that you have put up with broken or malfunctioning things that really should have been repaired. In the process of preparing your home for sale, determine which of these repairs will help to increase the appeal of your home and the likely sale of your property. Very often, maintenance such as the replacement of non-working light globes is easy and quick to do. Best of all, you can do these types of repairs yourself, without having to pay a professional to carry them out.

Focus on the details

To show buyers that your home is in excellent condition and there is little that they have to do, pay close attention to the paintwork. It really is amazing how much difference a fresh coat of paint can make to any property and the potential of paint to completely refresh a home.

Similarly, it is well worth touching up and repairing all the tiny marks, nicks and scratches that otherwise deter from the overall appearance and presentation of your home. Take note of loose doorknobs and handles and ensure that they are repaired before your home is listed for sale and inspection.

Make it possible for buyers to imagine themselves in your home

For a buyer looking for their own home to be drawn to your property, it’s critical that they can imagine your property as their own. As you focus on the presentation of your home, consider the touches you can add to show the ‘liveability’ of your property and its potential for fun, relaxation and entertaining. You may like to arrange outdoor furniture so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves hosting a brunch with friends on the deck, enjoying a glass of wine on your patio or sitting quietly reading the newspaper in a tranquil spot.

Provide access to your home

Opening up your home for inspections may not be the most convenient or enjoyable thing, but access to your home is imperative if it is to be sold. Avoid making it difficult for agents to get prospective buyers in to see your property.

There are some good ways to increase the likelihood of your home being sold. Many of these approaches are simple and do not involve great cost. The benefit is that they will help to sell and achieve a great price for your home.

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