5 Ways Your Business Can Help the Environment

From reduced costs and boosted morale to standing out from the competition, going green can have a plethora of benefits for any business. Are you looking for a few simple ways to make a difference? You’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find five ideas on how to get started!


Go Paperless Where Possible

The rise of the digital world has had many consequences for businesses, one of which is the ability to reduce the use of paper. Banks are a great example of this; instead of sending customers paper statements, they now ask that they consider receiving online statements instead. Not only is less paper consumed, but the bank can reduce costs on postage and labour. In this vein, you can think about what your business can do. Instead of buying textbooks for training, consider e-books. Instead of printing hundreds of business cards, consider digital business cards. Instead of posting invoices and receipts, opt for online communications.

Consider Undergoing an Environmental Audit

Are you the owner of a large business or operate in an industry prone to regulatory requirements? If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to environmental initiatives, or don’t have the time to critically analyse your business’s operations, it may be worth signing up for an environmental audit. Companies such as Air Noise Environment can help assess whether your business is being compliant, as well as providing feedback on your internal policies.

Encourage Employees to Travel Differently

A really simple way to make a change is to have an open forum with your staff members on their transportation methods to and from work. Encourage employees to carpool, use public transport more often, or walk (if feasible). To this end, you could nominate one day per month where they will be rewarded if they do reduce their carbon footprint. The reward could even be the chance to work from home on another day, which further reduces pollution emitted by driving! The key with this overall initiative is to lead by example; no one will take you seriously if you don’t.

Ensure Everyone Recycles

It’s amazing the amount of workplaces and buildings that still do not have recycling bins and facilities available for staff to use. How does your business measure up? If you do have things set up, but find that employees aren’t recycling appropriately, it may be worth having a meeting on the matter. By educating staff, whether through a guest speaker or an informative video, you can make them understand the consequences of their actions or lack of actions.

Turn off All Electricals

Much of the time, it’s the simple things we do that have the biggest impact. A policy whereby all laptops, computers, printers, and lights must be turned off before leaving at the end of the working day is crucial for any business. Detection sensors can help ensure that lights turn off in areas of the workplace, such as the lunch room, when they are not being used.

What other ways do you think your business could help the environment? Will you donate to a charitable cause? Install LED lights? Share your thoughts below.

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