We Are Blessed to Bless Again



This year, my daughter joined the mother church’s Christmas presentation by the children’s choir. We had been playing the songs for the show every time we ride the car so we all have memorized the lyrics, including the speaking lines.

One of the songs was entitled, “We’re Blessed to Bless Again.” We sang it always because it had a nice catchy tune.

But then now as the year is coming to a close, I realized that it seems so many needs had been brought to our attention lately. Our family income has increased a little bit that we were able to buy gifts for family and some close friends, but I noticed that we also were able to extend help to some people who really badly needed financial assistance.

Then I came to think about how the needs around us seemed to have increased just as we had also experienced some monetary increase.

It was then that this song came to mind once again.

Indeed, we are blessed so that we can be a blessing to other people. God has chosen us to become channels of His blessing because there are people who are going to need us at this time. He chose to specifically bless us financially so that these people who are close to us can become recipients of His grace and mercy.

We are just glad to take part in God’s ministry of helps. And we are looking forward for more blessings this year so that we can also become a blessing to more people.


HAPPY 2012!

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