What to Do With Your Garden Once Winter Is Over

As the colder months are drawing to a close, it’s time to start preparing for the springtime and beyond. The truth is winter can be a difficult time for any garden and you’ll have to supply some tender loving care so it revitalises in time for the warmer temperatures. This can be done quite easily with the right planning and some decent products.


Tidy Up the Paths

The first step is to open up your backyard for access once again. Since it’s been cold outside, you’ve likely not been using your garden for a few months. This may have thus allowed your plants to grow in garden areas they weren’t previously found such as over paths or patios. Thus, you’ll need to clip these errant plants away from the designated walking areas. Also look for ground plants which may be pushing up the slabs or pavers you’ve laid down.

Check for Wood Damage

The winter brings about some pretty horrible conditions such as incessant rain or driving snow. This added water can wreak havoc on the wooden surfaces in your garden. When you are able to, we recommend you check the following objects for rotting wood, splinters and any other damage:

  • Decking
  • Patios
  • Trellises
  • Benches
  • Dining Sets

In case of larger objects such as wooden decking, we’d recommend you hire a professional inspector. If you find any rotten areas, you’ll have to lay down new patio planks. On the other hand if your chairs, tables and benches have been damaged by water, you can purchase some new designer decking and garden furniture from a reputable retailer. In this way, you can ensure everything is safe and sturdy to be used during the warmer months ahead. Making the most of your garden requires this post-winter inspection most certainly.

It’s also time to give your existing furniture a new coat of wax so it’s protected from the harsh sunshine of the summertime. This added coating will ensure your dining set and benches look amazing as well!

Rejuvenate the Soil

Since the soil in your garden has been pummelled by severe cold temperatures, it will need some life breathed back into it. This is because a lot of the beneficial organisms your soil needs may have been killed off when the winter arrived. To revitalise the soil, you will need:

  • Soil booster
  • Organic compost
  • Natural fertiliser
  • Liquid aerator

These steps will be necessary so you can then re-plant your favourite shrubs and flowers and hope they grow to their fullest during the coming spring. The good news is that it is easy to create a green garden that you can enjoy in the warmer weather. Simply talk to your local nursery about purchasing all of the above items and ensure you read the labels so you’re using them in the proper manner.

Clear Away Moss

The last step is to remove any moss that has grown in the gaps between your pavers or bricks during the winter time. While this might look nice, if you have too much it can become slippery during any wet springtime rains. If you simply want to eliminate the top layer of moss, using a high pressure hose will get rid of it quite easily. Bear in mind that the moss will eventually grow back again though. To completely kill it, you will have to pour a bleach/water mixture over it. This can be quite complicated to do safely though so we recommend hiring a specialist instead.

With these steps, you can then ensure your garden is revitalised after the coldness of winter. Enjoying your backyard in the springtime is thus not so difficult to do!

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