What to Look for When Buying a New Home

There are the obvious features to look for when buying a new home, like number of bedroom and a large enough kitchen to suit your family. However there are some less recognisable considerations that you should add to your check list in order to get the best value for money. Here are just a few:

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General Condition and State of Repair

It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of a house; so much so that you forget to give it a thorough check to ensure it’s in good repair. If you are really serious about the place you might even consider a professional inspection. A building inspector can check out the soundness of the structure while companies like Trusted Pest Management can make sure the home isn’t compromised by termites.

Check the plumbing by turning taps on and off. Make sure water pressure is good and that there are no leaks. If the house has air-conditioning or central heating ensure it works. Check walls and ceilings for cracks and make sure doors don’t stick; these signs indicate a problem with subsidence. Test for damp by feeling walls and looking for peeling or bubbling paint, and always look for water marks and mould in the hard-to-detect areas. Usually, a problem with dampness can usually be smelt before it is seen.


Location is incredibly important, as a home situated in a great neighbourhood will retain its value and be easy to resell. Buying a home in the right spot, even if it’s not perfect, is a real bonus. You can always add some fresh carpet, a new kitchen or a coat of paint to a home but you can never change its location.

You need to like the neighbourhood, be close to work, schools, shops and medical centres. You should also consider things like traffic noise, access to public transport and what outlook and views you will have. Are there parks close by? Is it in walking distance to local shops so the kids can buy an ice-cream without you having to get into the car?

Also consider the site of the home. Is the driveway easily accessible from the road? Are there steps to get into the home? And if so, how many and are they steep? Is there enough room in the yard for family pets.

Curb Appeal

What does the exterior of the home look like? Is it in good condition? What is it made of, and is it easy to maintain? Is the roof in good repair? Is the yard well landscaped? Many buyers focus on the interior of the house and while that is important, curb-side appeal should also be taken into account.

Size and Layout

Think about what you really need in terms of size and layout. While you might dream of a five bedroom home with three bathrooms and two living areas, do you really need it? What is realistic for you and your family? Work out what is important and don’t compromise on it, but be prepared to let go of impractical dreams.

Buying a new home is a very emotional experience but try and take the emotion out of it during your decision-making process. Happy house-hunting!

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  1. […] Buying a home for yourself and buying one for your family are two completely different things. When there is a growing family, that raises a number of aspects that need to be considered. The size of the home is not the only thing that’s important; there is the neighbourhood, nearby schools, parks, family entertainment, as well as how near or far your friends, family and workplace are. You don’t want to spend hours in your car to get to your family, work or school. If you are living in Australia as myself, before visiting the houses, you have to make a list of requirements, research the houses for sale in Australia very carefully, and go through all the options with your agent. However, even if you cannot find “the perfect house”, you can always settle for one that meets most of your requirements and make a few adjustments if they are really necessary. […]

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