What to Look for When Moving into a New Office Building

Moving your office to a new location is a decision that should be made with great wisdom and care. There’s great potential in upgrading your office space to allow for greater expansion and productivity. At the same time, choosing the right office building is essential to getting the most from your investment. Regardless of the size of your office setup, moving will require an investment of time, manpower and money. For this reason, it is important to ensure your new location is well worth the effort. The following are some aspects to consider when moving into a new office building to get the most from your choice of office premises.
office buildngBuilding Maintenance & Repair

If you are paying more for new office space, it should be a noticeable upgrade from the old. A careful inspection of an office’s physical aspects will reveal much about its maintenance and repair. Before moving into a new office, you should make a thorough inspection of the premises within. Some telltale signs of poor maintenance include paint peeling off the ceiling and walls, scratches on wooden doors, cracked windows, worn carpeting, mold and mildew, etc.

Unless your vision is to invest a substantial amount of money to revamp the property, you may want to look elsewhere for your office setting. An office building that shows signs of disrepair on the outside could very well experience problems with plumbing, electricity and insect or rodent infestations as well.

Building Services

A large office building that houses numerous offices will require professional services and management. This is something worth checking into before signing a new office lease. You can ask some of the current tenants about the management of the building, its daily upkeep and how they would rate the quality of the services provided. If you or any of your employees tend to work late or arrive early to the office, you should also inquire about accessibility to the building outside of office hours.

Ongoing work in an office building could be a distraction or nuisance to your business. You should be aware of any major work being done on the building before you move into a new office, especially if the work is within close proximity to the office you have chosen.

Building Security & Customer Service

Your new office building should be a safe and secure environment for your employees and clientele. The windows, doors and lighting system should provide ample security against break-ins, theft and vandalism, especially if your employees work at night. If your building has no security guards, you should be prepared to contract some of your own.

An office building that has its own reception area will provide a measure of security by screening visitors before allowing entrance to the offices within. A reliable reception setup can also provide you with good customer services for prospective clientele.

These are but a few of the many aspects you should look into before renting a new office. By doing your homework in advance, you can avoid new office pitfalls and benefit from a more profitable office arrangement.

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