What You Need to Make Your Outdoor Area a Pinnacle Part of your Home

A beautifully designed and decorated outdoor area can be a pinnacle part of your home. While the indoors is important, the outdoors deserve some special attention too. Having a lovely outdoor area will give you extra living space to enjoy. During the warm summer months you can practically live outside, particularly if it set up for cooking and dining.

outdoor area

Make your outdoor area an extension of your indoor space.

Make it Luxurious

You can make your outdoor area a really sumptuous space where you will love to spend time. Outdoor furnishings are becoming increasingly luxurious. Check out http://www.superamart.com.au/ for an idea of what is available in outdoor lounging and dining. There are great outdoor kitchen options too. The trend is to make your outdoor area an extension of your indoor space.

Outdoor Colours

Your outdoor area design needs the same amount of thought and attention as an indoor room, including colour coordination. It’s best to avoid black outside as it will absorb the heat and make the area hotter than it needs to be. Earthy colours will tend to blend into the backyard and won’t really make much of a statement. Bright and bold colours, particularly in accessories like cushions, painted chairs and pots, will really add pizazz to your outdoors. Go for bright colours like purples, reds and yellows. Bright lime green and sky blue look great too. Hot pink can be lots of fun as well. You can be much bolder with colour in your outdoor area than in the rest of your home.


Your outdoor lighting should be dramatic. Fairy lights, lanterns and lamp-lit gardens will look fabulous. If you have a feature in your yard, perhaps a beautiful old tree, you might like to highlight it with a spotlight. Candles will look great on your outdoor tables and will add to the atmosphere. You will need some good overhead lighting in your cooking area. Well placed lighting will show off the nicest areas in your outdoors and allow the less favourable aspects to fade into the background. Solar powered lights are great for the garden as you won’t need to change bulbs. Lighting directed upwards will dramatically highlight the structure of the house, whereas downward lighting will create a cosy feel.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you create an outdoor kitchen you will probably use your outdoor area a whole lot more. Cooking outdoors is easy and there is much less to clean up. An outdoor kitchen will also facilitate easy entertaining and you will probably find you end up enjoying many a lovely evening with family and friends sharing dinner out of doors.

While a barbeque will suffice for outdoor cooking, if you want to be able to whip up a whole range of lovely foods, consider setting up a full kitchen complete with a refrigerator, sink and food preparation area. Locate the outdoor kitchen so that you can easily serve food to the dining table. You might also like to add an outdoor bar.

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  1. we have an outdoor kitchen as i do not like to cook inside the house, noi placed a garden set in our backyard, so when i do the cooking he is sitting there reading the papers 🙂

  2. Lighting sure is important – thanks for the tips

  3. I would prefer a lighted patio too, natural light (sunlight) would be wonderful. I’ll keep this in mind thanks for the great tips.

  4. One of our long term project is to have a sun room, still saving for it.

  5. an outdoor kitchen or laundry area is something i can really use right now, sadly there is no provision for that in our current place. a place outdoor to lounge + read during lazy afternoons is a perfect addition to anyone’s home, too!

  6. Thanks for the tips. I hope we can have a small space left for an outdoor area at home.

  7. I am planning to have an outdoor area at home. Imagining that we can eat our breakfast there while seeing the flowers and plants we have on our yard. So perfect! 🙂

  8. I wish we have a great backyard. But I prefer one that is low maintenance.

  9. We have an outdoor area, and it’s a relief every time I feel bored inside the house.


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