When The Money Runs Out in the Family

It has been several months or maybe close to a year that my husband and I had been struggling with our finances.

We are not lazy, in fact, we are always swamped with work and therefore always tired. So that means we are also earning. But the problem is, our money seems to be always going somewhere. It seems to find its way out through various avenues, like sickness, repairs and the like. And mind you, we are regularly tithing and giving our offerings as well as helping out wherever we can.

Then yesterday, I got a text message from a good friend of mine who is also experiencing some financial difficulties. She wanted to share about their money problems, telling me that she feels more comfortable confiding in me. She also said that somehow, she is having difficulty talking to others because they could not relate to her problems because they have not experienced poverty.

Then my husband told me that it was already the answer to my concern. We are going through this phase because somebody else is also experiencing the same and it would be difficult to provide comfort if you cannot relate to the situation.

Of course, my husband was right. Indeed everything happens for a reason and everything will just work out for the good of those who love God. Even our financial difficulties are not without a reason.

Some people may indeed think that being poor or being in lack is a curse, but it can actually be God’s instrument so that we can minister to others. As long as we actively seek and live in God’s will, His purposes will prevail in our lives even if it means sacrificing much.

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  1. You are right, everything will work out well as long as you trust God. Your husband is right, everything happens for a reason and more often we cannot understand why. But if you have a strong faith, you would know that the financial crisis will pass just like any other problems.

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