Where to Find Mountain Views in Georgia

If you’re looking for a great place to retire, to vacation, or to settle down with your family, the mountains of northern Georgia present an excellent option to consider. With Atlanta only an hour and a half drive away from most towns, you won’t be far from the city and you’ll have plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, and white water rafting. The north Georgia real estate market has plenty of great towns to choose from with prices that are quite competitive, especially when compared to prices in other recreational regions.
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While each of the northern Georgia towns listed below has a town center where you can find a home in the midst of beautiful scenery, you can also find some breathtaking mountain views if you shop for real estate beyond the city limits and head into the surrounding hills. In fact, your real estate search will be best served if you use these towns as starting points and then move out from them into the mountains of Georgia.

Blue Ridge, GA

At the heart of Georgia’s Blue Ridge mountain region, the town of Blue Ridge itself is a popular tourist destination with fine dining, shops, recreation, and plenty of mountain views. You can visit the town’s train station and take a train ride through other historic mountain towns in the region.

Your proximity to the mountains will also put you within easy striking distance of waterfalls and refreshing mountain streams that can be perfect on a hot summer day. If you’re looking to beat the heat of a Georgia summer, Blue Ridge will put you close to plenty of ways to cool off.

If you have a rainy day or need a break from hiking in the mountains, Blue Ridge has a thriving arts scene that includes a theater company and a strong art gallery community that provides a variety of art show openings. The theater company runs shows year round and has also put together a lineup of music acts.

Clayton, GA

Clayton offers a temperate climate and excellent hiking in the northeast corner of Georgia. Homeowners will love the rugged, mountainous terrain that surrounds the city and provides fantastic views year round. As one of the larger towns in northern Georgia, Clayton provides the largest selection of school choices and a sustainable average income level that make it a great place to call home.

Ellijay, GA

You’ll be a little further from the mountains in Ellijay, but you’ll still find some great home options that have beautiful views while enjoying the advantages a small town has to offer. Ellijay has excellent recreation opportunities such as tubing and golfing, and if you love hiking, you’ll still be close to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Ellijay is especially noted for its apple festival in October, an event that draws visitors from all over the country. Visitors in the spring will enjoy apple blossoms during their travels.

McCaysville, GA

Located along the Tennessee state line, McCaysville is former mining town most recently known as the white water location for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Visitors will enjoy scenic railroad bridges and one of the largest apple orchards in the southeastern corner of the United States. If you want to venture into the Tennessee mountains, McCaysville makes it as easy as stepping over the state boundary line!

This article was written by Ed Quinn.

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